Group Puzzle Box Solve
Test your puzzle solving prowess and meet new friends.
Thurs 11/21/2019, 7:00 pm
Earthbound Brewery 2724 Cherokee St, Saint Louis, MO
10 person maximum
0 / 5 needed
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Hosted by: Justin M.
Campaign Over

From the people who brought you the St. Louis Treasure Hunt comes a much smaller, much shorter, but equally frustrating event that also involves boxes! This time, finding it won’t be the problem; opening it will be.

We’ll be using the money from this event to purchase a medium to high difficulty puzzle box and do a group solve over food and drinks. Since we’re hosting at Earthbound, there will be beer and wine available, but all ages are welcome.

The plan is for a format where each person gets three minutes to handle the box and do the physical manipulations. Everyone can make suggestions, preferably with minimal abuse, and, hopefully, the group can solve the puzzle box.

The event will run for an hour and a half, less if you solve it faster, more if we feel like hanging around (no promises, though).

Are you up for the challenge?

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Participate in the solve!
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Basic Ticket
Participate in the solve!
10 of 10 left!
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