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Over $1000 in prizes, if you can find the treasure!
?????, St. Louis, MO
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Update on Sun 9/29/2019

The Treasure Hunt is over!!!

Now that all the treasure boxes have been found, we want to thank everyone for joining in. You made this event even more fun than we were anticipating! We're making a note here, huge success. It's hard to overstate our satisfaction.

There will be some follow-up items coming soon; we'll let you know about those as we have them ready. In the meantime, please, keep an eye out for other events you might want to join and think about ones you might want to run yourself!

We also hope the Treasure Hunt Group remains active and that you consider starting your own groups to maintain contact with your fellow attendees and make it easy to find people for your own events.

Also, feel free to reach out to us with your ideas, suggestions, or anything else you think we might want to hear. We're constantly trying to make Wondervent better, so let us know how we can!

Update on Fri 9/20/2019

New to the Treasure Hunt?

We are at just under three weeks of searching, with over 550 people having taken up the challenge!

We have one box left in the treasure hunt (Forest Park). This is the one with the Variable Coin, worth $1 for every 10 participants, and it is the toughest to find.

If you're new to the Treasure Hunt and want to see how the other boxes were found, join the Treasure Hunt Group and check out the Posts section.

Good luck!


Join to see the clues!

Blurred out treasure hunt clues

Who We Are

Welcome to Wondervent's launch event! If you are here, that means you or someone you know has found a treasure map in a bottle somewhere in Saint Louis (or you saw a poster or flyer or something - lame).

Bottles containing treasure maps

Wondervent is a website where you can crowdfund events. Events only happen if enough people are interested, and attendees only get charged once the event meets its goal. You can also run free events, like this one. Basically, if you want a low-risk way to get a bunch of people together for something, this is a great way to do it!


Okay, so you're here for the treasure. How's all of this going to go down?

A treasure map

Well, you can start hunting now with the map you have, but any good treasure hunt should have clues, right? Plus, that map is not very detailed. To unlock the first set of clues, sign up for this event. When we hit the event goal, you'll be notified through the messaging system and by e-mail (no, we won't share it with anyone else), and this page will update to contain the first set of clues. You won't be able to see the clues without signing up and joining the event, so you'd best get on that if you're interested.

After the first set of clues is released, there will be a new, higher signup goal to trigger the next set of clues. Notice a pattern? So, spread the word - the faster people get involved, the sooner the clues become available!

What you're probably wondering now is, what exactly might you find? That's a bit of a materialistic attitude, but it's still a fair question. There are over $1000 in prizes hidden in five treasure boxes in various locations in St. Louis. Some locations are more out of the way, others you may walk past every day.

A treasure box closed

The boxes will be heat shrink wrapped to protect them since they are outside (hint hint), and we don't want anything getting ruined before being found. Speaking of not ruining things, one important note: You will not be required to dig up or destroy any property, trespass, or otherwise break the law to find any of the treasure. So, you know, please don't? We'd like to do more fun events in the future, and that's not going to happen if we have to explain to the authorities why people are tunneling under City Hall. Likewise, you won't have to do anything dangerous to get to the hiding spots, but some of them may require some significant effort to access or require going at specific times.


Most of the prizes are pictured below (we want to leave some surprises for you) and are split up among the five boxes. In addition, there is one box with a very special item we are dubbing the Variable Coin. Its value will be determined by the number of people who have joined the hunt at the time it is redeemed, at a rate of $1 per 10 people signed up, up to $500. So, if 1,000 people have signed up to the treasure hunt, the Variable Coin will be worth $100. Just one more incentive to get your friends involved.

Five open treasure boxes with prizes on display and a note

Variable Coin worth up to $500Variable Coin worth up to $500
Echo DotEcho Dot
Bears vs. BabiesBears vs. Babies Game
Bluetooth SpeakerBluetooth Speaker
Camping HammockCamping Hammock
Compact BinocularsCompact Binoculars
Exploding KittensExploding Kittens Game
Hive Pocket GameHive Pocket Game
Magnesium Fire StarterMagnesium Fire Starter
Mascarade GameMascarade Game
Solar LanternCollapsible Solar Lantern
Viking BraceletViking Bracelet
Wireless EarbudsWireless Earbuds
You've Got CrabsYou've Got Crabs Game

Additional Items of Note

You are welcome to work together, form teams, anything you like. To help with this (and so that those of you who want to run your own events can build up a following), you can create Groups to keep in touch. We've created a Treasure Hunt group that you may want to join, both to meet others who are searching and in case we release any hints over there. Feel free to make your own if you want to share ideas with just your friends.

Also, we're very keen to see how things are moving along. So, please let us know! You can post to us on Facebook or Twitter (@Wondervent) along the way, and we hope you'll share your good fortune should you find one of the treasure boxes!


Last but not least, we'd like to thank our sponsors for their support. These are all local businesses in St. Louis, so be sure to give them some love.

Talenshi Studios Logo Sacred Symbols Logo Earthbound Beer Logo Lakeview Woodworking Logo Urban Breath Yogo Logo Tea Rex Logo Wacked Out Weiner Logo

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