Among Us: Weekly Game
Gaslighting and Murder In 2021
Sun 1/17/2021, 7:00 pm CST
Discord (TBA), N/A, Online
20 person maximum
11 attending
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Host: Justin M. in Among Us
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Let's get together and play Among Us, a recent popular game that is free to play on the phone and involves deception, murder, and gas-lighting. Also rewiring space ships.

Sign up here so we know how many people are coming. This game needs at least 6 people and is a lot more fun when everyone has voice chat.

I'll mass message everyone with a link to the discord an hour before the game starts. If you want to play on the computer, the game is only $5 on Steam.

You can also check out the group link here if you want to host your own game and invite our growing coterie of space murders (or just chat between games).

We do this every weekend, and sometimes the event fills fast, so get your spot asap. If we get more than 10 people, we'll either split into two games or rotate people out like we've done past weekends. Please share this event with friends until it fills up. It really helps to organize games and grow the group.

Space Person Ticket
Join the crew and try not to betray us.
9 of 20 left!
Space Person Ticket
Join the crew and try not to betray us.
9 of 20 left!
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