How does this whole thing work?
Wondervent is a crowdfunding site for events. Hosts can post a proposed event and set minimums for the number of people who must sign up to make the campaign a success. The event only happens, and attendees are only charged, if the minimum attendance is met.
Can I host a free event? How about private events?
Tickets can cost money or be free. You can offer either or both for your event. And, the event can be set to public or private. Only people with the URL can get to your private event page to sign up, while public events are listed on the site.
What makes Wondervent different (from, say, an antelope)?
Wondervent solves the three major problems people have when trying to get an event off the ground: 1) laying out money in advance for what may or may not be a successful event, 2) collecting the money from attendees, and 3) guaranteeing there are enough attendees to make the event a success. Basically, we take most of the risk out of hosting an event and let you focus on your own creative vision. Antelopes are entirely different.
What if I have to change my event?
Wondervent lets you change the location or details of your event at any time up until we charge your customers. At the end of your campaign you have 48 hours to change the details of your event. If you do so, your customers get their own 24 hour window to withdraw their support if the event is no longer what they signed up for, if they can’t attend anymore, etc. For the time being, you'll have to email us to make changes at team@wondervent.com if they're necessary.
Ok you’ve sold me. But how do I get my money?
We’re glad you asked. Wondervent will transfer the money directly to your bank account (minus our fee) once your event is funded and the campaign completes.
What if I don’t hit the target number of people for my event?
Then no event, but you can always try again in the future. Not the past though; that would be hard.
Does Wondervent advertise my event for me?
No. You are responsible for publicizing your event. That said, we take care of just about everything else (other than hosting the event, of course).
What happens if my event is rained out at the last minute?
For weather-dependent events, we highly suggest including a rain date in the event description.
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