Among Us
Gaslighting and Murder In Space
Justin M: Thanks for coming everyone. Hope to see you all again next time.
Justin M: Hi Love
Justin M: Check the sidebar for the latest Among Us sign up
Justin M: By the way this group is open, which means anyone can post an event to it, not just the admin.
Amy L: Sweeeeeet
Keith C: Justin is sus
Justin M: Keith and Mitch are unrepentant mass murderers :P
Mitchell S: We are, but we're *friendly* unrepentant mass murderers
Justin M: Good games everyone!
Mitchell S: Hi Rebecca
Justin M: Yes it does.
Mitchell S: It should, anyway
Mitchell S: I've had issues sometimes
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Among Us
Gaslighting and Murder In Space
Among Us - Sun 11/1/2020, 7:00 pm CST (6 days to sign up)
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