Justin M: Looking to put together a spy themed event for next year, with dead drops, missions etc and two teams competing to solve cues and complete objectives. Let me know what you guys think.
Ronnie C: That sounds amazing. How big are the teams you're suggesting, though? Like a large group, or small teams of 4 or something.
Ronnie C: I have some friends who host murder mystery events with escape room style puzzles, and they're doing a weekend long event with dead drops and missions and secret maps and all kinds of stuff. Maybe they could be a helpful resource.
Justin M: We'll definitely reach out to them Ronnie.
Justin M: I was thinking 2 huge teams
Justin M: Like red team vs blue team. Each team would have a private group to organize in and they would have competing objectives. One objective I was thinking was to have one team be guards and another act as infiltrators.
Justin M: The guards would have an object they have to keep away from the infiltrators for 24 hours. The guards would get info as to where the object is in advance and come up with a plan to keep it away from the infiltrators.
Justin M: maybe we could have an assassin like tag system in place.
Justin M: Not sure yet, I just really like the idea of one team trying to pull a heist off and the other team defending.
Ronnie C: That all sounds like a blast. I'd totally be in.
Dustin L: If we need anything created for the event, I'm a carpenter and also a bench jeweler. I could get some gold or silver bullion or something.
Timothy J: That does sound awesome, as for these unreleased clues, I’m always down for a gathering at earthbound!
Justin M: That would be great Dustin, my girlfriend and I were pretty much a 2 person fabrication team and it was a ton of work, but if we could make the majority of the prizes this time around that would be pretty cool. I
Justin M: Still trying to figure out the logistics of how we make a mock heist. Ideas are totally welcome and I'd love for you guys to be on the planning side this time around if that's something you're interested in.
Justin M: I really like the idea of one team trying to steal artifacts, old coins etc..
Mitchell S: Another idea: what if part of the idea was like a competitive easter egg hunt. So, two teams trying to collect the most artifacts
Mitchell S: And maybe there's a possibility of theft as part of the model. Like, they have to store what they find at one or more locations after finding it, and the opposing team can steal from them
Mitchell S: If you're not committed to the 24 hour aspect of it, doing a mock heist in the City Museum would be really cool.
Mitchell S: Actually, anyone could run a Capture the Flag game or a scavenger hunt event in the City Museum, and it would be a lot of fun
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